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NF Historical

Are you into Non-Fiction Historical? “Images of America Tacoma’s Haunted History” will be out soon and in the hands of paranormal buffs. Teresa Nordheim and Ross Alison have bound together Tacoma’s paranormal history that spills over with Native American culture, mysterious deaths, and curses that linger in the shadows. You won’t want to miss this […]

Upcoming Series

If you’re like me, you like a story that lasts at least through three books. Canoples Investigations, a great young-adult syfy that keeps you turning the pages,will be at least that many. Book one is out, as advertised on this site, and book two is heading to the book world shelves as we speak. Another […]

“In There” Series Coming Along

Did you enjoy “In There”? The first book of Jill Johse’s mid-grade historical series is packed full of suspense and adventure as Linh Roberts gets transferred through time and takes on the Nazis invading Denmark. The second book of the series, “In There, Where They Fade Away” takes Linh back to the late 1800s where […]

Ghostly Clues is Out!

Kay Lalone’s Ghostly Clues is perfect for the tweens and early teens. Readers have said the thing they like the most about this story is how believable Kay makes her characters. She balances perfectly the real world with the paranormal world. She also brings in a realistic setting of a tween having to deal with […]


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